Creative Writing

Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment, creativity makes its own perfect moment out of ordinary events – Do you want your child to push their creative limits and explore their imagination? Empower them with writing and critical thinking tools that will last a lifetime.Jam Arts is the best creative writing institution in mumbai.


Creative Writing Institution in Mumbai

Through our monthly creative writing workshops, you can expect your child to:

  • Be equipped to express through words effectively
  • Become active storytellers
  • Be inspired and stimulated to push their creative boundaries
  • Broaden their thought process and problem-solving abilities
  • Improve logical skills and help them voice their opinions


Ages 6-10

Basics of grammar and sentence formation

Ideation and experiential writing

Various forms of Writing and Grammar

Creative thinking Activities

Ages 11-14

Elements of Story

Formats and Genres

Creative on Spot Exercises

Grammar and Editing

Group Work and Feedback

Discussion and Learning from World Cinema and great Authors and Scriptwriters