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Jam Arts by Jigyasa is an interactive and educational program which allows you to explore your talents and express, enjoy and evolve. Through quality theatre, writing and visual arts and video programs, Jam Arts helps you have a deeper understanding of the arts and prepares you to build substantial and helpful skills for the future. Jam Arts shares great knowledge on communication and media skills to help you discover new possibilities and individual growth. Learning and embracing the arts lead to critical and creative thinking to build EQ and social intelligence. Jam Arts helps you create the right path for careers in arts and media and helps you enhance your planning and leadership skills.

We are a group of skilled professionals and experts, curating a range of tailor-made workshops and programmes to help you sharpen your skills in theatre, scriptwriting, videography, creative writing and other holistic art-based workshops that propel personal development along with professional growth.

The programs and workshops we offer are tailor-made for every age and stage of life.

Come be a part of our Jam Fam!


Creative Writing

(6-15 years)

In our classes creative thinking, critical analysis and exposure to different styles of storytelling invigorates the children to innovate and share their stories


(6-15 years)

Theatre Online with Jigyasa Taneja Sethi (International award-winning filmmaker) and a team of industry experts will help your child ‘Express, Enjoy, and Evolve’ in performances and creative thinking.


(11-17 years & Adults)

Learn the tools, software, and skills to hone your script and shoot and edit your unique videos under JAM Arts guidance. 

Script Writing

(15+ Years)
Course in Hindi & English

Learn the tools, software, and skills to hone your script and shoot and edit your unique videos under JAM Arts guidance. 

There is a gap in our formal education system visa vis 

  • Understanding the importance of arts in education and overall development of children
  • Providing quality mentoring to students leading to discoveries and spirit of innovation in communication and original creative work
  • Definitely a gap in awareness ,understanding and correct guidance in field of media and communication which is required  at early levels in school 
  • Need for good drama and theatre training in schools across India and upskilling of teachers in media and theatre 
  • Lack of quality media Programs at higher education level

Jam Arts gives a fun edge to all learning and the purpose is simple: to help children and adults enjoy the process and break new grounds in their journey . Jigyasa Taneja Sethi has an entirely different approach and teaches her students in creative ways on how to improve and shows them how the media culture is important by bringing forth the best of world traditions in theatre and film. The platform itself creates a nurturing environment to learn from artists and experts around the globe. 

During this pandemic, the imp of such prog bringing together children on an online platform cannot be emphasized enough

The learning becomes multi dimensional alongwith a multi cultural flavor creating bonds and reflective exercises as a take away

Unique Curriculum

Individual Development & Social Intelligence

Professional Skills

About the founder


Ankita Kumar

Deepanjali Sarkar

Ritu Bhatia

Alankrita Srivastava

Aaron Henne

Core Team & Values

We believe that creativity takes courage, and we’re here to empower you.

Our vision is to build a  place of dignity for the arts and the artist community by emphasizing and demonstrating the critical  role it plays in our lives and especially for the future.


  • Networking and creating a nurturing environment to learn from artists and
  • experts around the globe
  • role it plays in our lives
  • Supporting media artists
  • Platforms for Showcasing talent
  • Bridge for higher education
  • Bringing forth the best of world traditions in theatre and film
  • Lateral approach to Learning and Collaboration as well s creation
  • Facilitating healing and expression for mental health
  • Accessible to all fields and professions

Jigyasa Taneja Sethi

Head Facilitator

Radhika Puri

Senior Facilitator

Jenissa Paharia

Student Coordinator & Facilitator

Riddhima Taneja

Story-telling expert

Aanya Dhingra

Movement Expert



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