Theatre is a channel that enables an individual to discover innate talents and express their unsaid feelings without any inhibitions. Jam Arts Theatre Workshop conducted by Jigyasa Taneja Sethi (International award-winning filmmaker) and a team of industry experts will help your child develop a sense of creativity, confidence, and artistry with our thoughtfully curated programs that cover:

Ages 6-10, 11-15

  • International Theatre Techniques
  • World Cinema Appreciation
  • Learn Performance & Life-Skills
  • Speech & Movement
  • Online Showcases of International Plays


  • The program allows students to enhance their speech, expressions, imagination, and teamwork.

  • It also helps in building confidence, life-skills, emotional expression, and performance for the camera; stimulating on-spot thinking creativity & communication for young adultsĀ 

Ages 15 + and Adults

  • Improvisation and On Camera techniques one on one and group mentoring on proffesional acting technoques and etiquette and career guidance in media as well
  • Improvisation , Speech and Personality Development and Communication for individual learning for students form any field and with any level or no prior experience


Level One ( 3 Months )

  • Voice modulation
  • Introduction to Movement and Mime
  • Imagination and Storytelling skills
  • Character Building
  • Understanding Text
  • Improvisation

Level Two ( 3 Months )

  • Monologue
  • Voice & Movement Intermediate
  • Emotion Projection
  • Scene Building
  • Rehearsal etiquette
  • Improvisation

Level Three ( 4 Months )

  • Group scene work
  • Movement Advance
  • Movement & Voice Advance
  • World Cinema Appreciation
  • Performance of International plays.
  • Improvisation Advance
  • Team work and rehearsal etiquette.